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Monday, March 14, 2011

Starting Thoughts

Beginnings are a special time. There's really nothing quite like them - filled with potential and those first steps that set you on your course. A time of momentous decisions.

It really is a problem.

Decisions are exclusionary. When you decide for one thing, you necessarily are deciding against everything else that could be made real. So, when I start writing this blog, I need to think about what messages I want to send, what goals I hope to accomplish, and how I want to approach it.

It's a formula for procrastination. If I make this a creative writing blog,  I lose out on much practical discussion and commentary and the opportunity to ruminate on interesting ideas and concepts. If I go for a topical blog, I'll need to limit the creative elements, since people showing up to see "what happens next" are unlikely to want to wade through the non-fiction to see what Philip Gasglow intends to do with that artichoke he found in his mother's library, and why Detective Matthews (and only Detective Matthews) of the Chicago Police Dept. has sworn to stop him by any means necessary.

Hint: That artichoke dip? It may be green, but it's not guacamole.

If I go topical, what topics? How many? Too few, and I may have trouble find enough to write about, too many, and I might be so diffuse that I'll have no depth! If I include controversial and stigmatizing material, should I be concerned about my privacy? Future employers and my neighbor's underage kid my find this blog one day, after all. Oh, the angst!

So many decisions - but if you don't make any, you'll end up not having any beginning at all. So, decisions are made, commitments happen, and actions are executed. The end result of which is - my next blog, where all is revealed!

Admit it - you're mostly coming back because you hope I'll tell you about the dip.

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